25 Replies to “Tour de France, Stage 15 – “I Cut Your Head Off!””

  1. Hugely glad sastre won and this little pussy lost. And he rode like a pussy
    wheelsucker on all the climbs including AD.

  2. oh, c’mon, you mean people are actually taking this “I’ll cut your head
    off” comment as a serious statement? lmao

  3. Why did they make such a fuss about this whinging Aussie? The guy has no
    class – like Australians in general. Sastre was a deserving winner.

  4. Well said. Don’t know about the most classless rider though; I would give
    that one to his ausie teamate Robbie McEwen.

  5. I agree 100%. I used to be a fan. He sounds like a spoiled 3 year old. I
    don’t recall other riders getting their chamois in a wad. And would someone
    please tell Cadel this IS a TEAM sport? He shouldn’t be angry with the CSC
    boys for attacking him. He should be PO’d that he doesn’t have any support.
    Does he still think he’s on the single-track?

  6. he was obviously joking, come on people. his vioce however is weird.. i
    don’t know i guess he has sponsor and he is probably obligated to do these

  7. Menchov and Valverde had no more teamates around them in the climbs than
    Evans yet they both attacked on numerous occasions. All Evans did was
    wheelsuck the other top GC contenders. No one should win the TDF that way
    while refusing to do any of the lead pacemaking himself. He thought he
    could wheelsuck his way to a TDF win and on Alpe Duez he actually permitted
    the Schleck boys to slow the chase pace down without trying to raise it
    himself. He deserved to lose and he’s classless to boot.

  8. He isn’t a champion at all numbnuts, he hasn’t won the tour, but he rides
    agressively within his strengths. He’s an all-arounder, the attacking you
    probably speak of is in the high mountains and done by climbing specialists
    and most often dopers, you dope. You are probably one of the idiots who put
    down Contador’s victory in the Giro as boring and praised Ricco’s attacking
    nature. Shut up and get on a bike.

  9. How exactly. Hes come second in the most gruelling sports spectacle in the
    world twice. What have you done with your life? Provide some evidence
    before you make an ass of yourself next time.

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