Oakley working with Cadel Evans and 4DESIGN To Make Futuristic Handlebars

Oakley is working together with Cadel Evans and 4DESIGN, an Australian Design Company for making cycle handlebars that will have futuristic features.

Cadel Evans said that the handlebar they’re working on is like a Science Fiction product but he said that unlike Science Fiction, these handlebars will become reality. The model will have an aerodynamic design and they will also have foldable forearm support that can be added to a bike meant for time trials.

The model will also have a camera at the front as well as one on the back. The cameras will keep track of the movement of the riders and the rider would be able to see the data on the OLED Screen which will be placed on the bars. Continue reading →

UK Buzzing As International Racing Venue

UK’s high boom in the cycling arena has posed the region as one of the best prospects regarding hosting international cycling events.  According to UCI calendar, Britain would be housing international riding events from May and would be continuing as the respected host till the following 12 months.

The credit goes to the growing appetite for riding in UK coupled with the tremendous success achieved by the English riders at the international level. As per the sources, organizers of world’s biggest riding events are lining up to get their races held in the United Kingdom. By the end of last month, it was declared that a multiple-day legacy riding event is to be held at Yorkshire in 2015 May, with 10 lucky winners getting a week’s holiday at the Vallnord Bike Park.

With the onset of Giro which would be held at Belfast on 9th May this year, the upcoming summer session in cycling would follow-up with Women’s Tour scheduled for May, Fort William MTB World in June & 2014 Grand Depart in July.

A session of 2014-15 World Cup cyclo cross would be held at Milton Keynes prior to the legacy event at Yorkshire. The event would be carried by ASO, the illustrious organizers of Tour France.

Besides, there would be the esteemed tournaments of Prudential RideLondon event, whose 2nd edition is announced to be held around 9-10th August this year. Britain Tour, which would be having its 11th edition this year, will be celebrated at its homeland UK only by the end of September 2014.

Moreover, there is the World Track Championships 2016 which is also scheduled to be hosted at London Velodrome.

Cyclist rushed to medical center

A cyclist, who was not wearing a helmet, has been taken to the medical centre with life threatening wounds after being struck by a vehicle in Toronto. The mishap took place after 4 pm on Thursday at corner of Manning Avenue and Dundas Street.

According to reports, an eyewitness stated that a white Saturn sedan turned right out of a 7 Eleven shop parking lot on Dundas’ south side and the vehicle started accelerating very quickly. The car struck the cyclist, who was stopped at a traffic signal, knocking him on the top of the sedan. Then the vehicle sped ahead and hit a post and the cyclist fell on the ground. Continue reading →

Health benefits of Cycling

Cycling is one the best all-round forms of exercise and it has many major health benefits. Professional cyclists like Cadel Evans and Lance Armstrong are probably some of the fittest athletes about. From head to toes, cycling’s health benefits are hard to beat.

Cycling maintains a healthy heart
Cycling gives your heart and cardiovascular system a great workout. You can make the most of your workout by cycling uphill, as this not only tests your endurance, but it makes your heart work overtime, thus strengthening it. Having a healthy heart drastically reduces your risk of developing heart-related illnesses such as coronary heart disease. Continue reading →