Oakley working with Cadel Evans and 4DESIGN To Make Futuristic Handlebars

Oakley is working together with Cadel Evans and 4DESIGN, an Australian Design Company for making cycle handlebars that will have futuristic features.

Cadel Evans said that the handlebar they’re working on is like a Science Fiction product but he said that unlike Science Fiction, these handlebars will become reality. The model will have an aerodynamic design and they will also have foldable forearm support that can be added to a bike meant for time trials.

The model will also have a camera at the front as well as one on the back. The cameras will keep track of the movement of the riders and the rider would be able to see the data on the OLED Screen which will be placed on the bars. Continue reading →

Cadel Evans not Participating In Great Ocean Road Race

Cadel Evans said that he’ll not participate in the next season’s Great Ocean Road Race which will be held in Geelong, Australia. The race is 174 kilometres long and is scheduled to take place next year on the month of February.

Evans will participate in Tour Down Under and Australian Championship road race. He isn’t sure about winning Tour Down Under but he has said that he will try to perform to the best of his ability as it would be the last race of his professional career spanning 14 years. Evans got the second place in 2014 Tour Down Under.  He thinks that Michael Matthews, sprinter of the Orica GreenEDGE team is likely to win the Great Ocean road race. Evans has a chance of winning Tour Down Under. Evans doesn’t think that he’ll be able to win Tour Down Under because he considers Orica GreenEDGE team to be too tough to beat.

Regarding his career, Evans said that he worked very hard for his career achievements but he thinks that he deserved more. He said that he was highly motivated which is a major reason behind his achievements. But it is hard for Evans to end his career. He considers being motivated to be a very important factor behind any achievement. Evans thinks that athletes are always supposed to be hungry for more and they should never stop after achieving something. But he also said that if an athlete isn’t satisfied at all then they don’t appreciate their achievements. Evans said that he wants to end his career in the best way possible.

Cadel Evans was chosen as a member of Tour de France Team of the Century at Jayco Australian Cyclist of the Year awards by Cycling Australia. Cadel Evans won Tour de France in 2011. In 2007 and 2009, he got the second place in the race.