Oakley working with Cadel Evans and 4DESIGN To Make Futuristic Handlebars

Oakley is working together with Cadel Evans and 4DESIGN, an Australian Design Company for making cycle handlebars that will have futuristic features.

Cadel Evans said that the handlebar they’re working on is like a Science Fiction product but he said that unlike Science Fiction, these handlebars will become reality. The model will have an aerodynamic design and they will also have foldable forearm support that can be added to a bike meant for time trials.

The model will also have a camera at the front as well as one on the back. The cameras will keep track of the movement of the riders and the rider would be able to see the data on the OLED Screen which will be placed on the bars.

According to the designers, the Screen will have the ability of mapping the course of a race. In addition to that they’ll be able to display the heart rate of the riders and also the rate of pedaling of the riders. In short it can be said that all the information that a professional cyclist might need will be displayed on the screen in the handlebars.

Cadel Evans, who became the winner of Tour de France in the year 2011, is very much involved in the project. Evans complained that the handlebars were stiff and after that the developers have made necessary adjustments to correct the problem. The handlebars will not be available on the market very soon but Evans has said that they’ll surely be available in future.

Cadel Evans said earlier that he will retire from cycling after taking part in the next year’s Great Ocean Road Race which will take place in Victoria in the month of February. The race will be held for the first time in 2015. Steven Gerrans will be participating in that race and he said that he will beat Evans in the last race of his career if he has to in order to win the race. Gerrans expects that Evans will perform to the best of his ability in that race.