Life After Retirement For Cadel Evans

Cadel Evans has retired from the cycling world and the name of the event has been named after it.

The inaugural session covered 174 kilometres titled as the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road started in Geelong which received tremendous success ensured that race has a bright future which will go long for many years to come.

The race is going to maintain its popularity and can get best status by the International cycling Union. The race is the second best after Australian world race titled as Tour Down Under. After the tour titled as Cadel Evans, next tours which included women were held. Evans thought that with three finishes of the hilly circuit some amount of suspense and surprise were held in store. The Australian board of cycling believes that European tours can learn a lot from their tours.

To have a tour under his name is big achievement in itself. His career saw many ups and downs which was exciting in itself. Retirement has its own joys and he can do many things which was not possible for him to do at the time of his cycling days but now he has got plenty of time to fulfil all his desires which he for so long wanted to fulfil. He gave everything to the world of sport and to cycling especially.

Being a climber himself, he never gave up rather he fought till the very end to survive and maintain his spot. Looking back on his career he seems satisfied and is up for the next life. In his last stages he improvised on his game to achieve a higher status and giving a stiff competition to the rest of the cyclists. The cyclists and his team members are still vary of the fact that he was a fighter who went deep into the game.