Health benefits of Cycling

Cycling is one the best all-round forms of exercise and it has many major health benefits. Professional cyclists like Cadel Evans and Lance Armstrong are probably some of the fittest athletes about. From head to toes, cycling’s health benefits are hard to beat.

Cycling maintains a healthy heart
Cycling gives your heart and cardiovascular system a great workout. You can make the most of your workout by cycling uphill, as this not only tests your endurance, but it makes your heart work overtime, thus strengthening it. Having a healthy heart drastically reduces your risk of developing heart-related illnesses such as coronary heart disease.

Cycling strengthens your muscles
Cycling helps to tone and strengthen your thighs and calves. You’ll find that the more cycling you do, the fitter and stronger you’ll become. Even tough uphill cycling will become easier.

Cycling is versatile
Whether you’re eight or eighty, cycling is an activity which is ideal for any age since you can change the impact to suit your fitness levels.

Stay Healthy
If you’re a fitness-fanatic who loves nothing more than hopping your bike on a Saturday morning and going for a ride, instead of having a relaxing lie-in and breakfast in bed over a game of partycasino on your netbook, then it sounds like you’re a motivated and fit person. As a health-conscious person, you are sure to be keen to find out about all the excellent health benefits of cycling.