Evans Teaching Kids Bike Safety

The cycling legend from Australia, Cadel Evans, has a big passion towards cycling even after his retirement from the big stage.

This is why he takes part in any activity that drives children to take up biking. Evan says that he would be thrilled to see many children take to cycling to go to school. It will provide them with a sense of freedom and will give them a lesson of being independent in their young age itself. There is no better teacher to teach the art of cycling for your kids other than Evans.

Evan understands the practical difficulties and the concerns that parents would be raised when it comes to sending children to school on their bikes in Sydney. The main issue is the traffic.

Evans retired from professional cycling last year and has proved his prowess in the sport by winning the Tour De France title in 2011. He has been at the top of his cycling form for many years and that is why he is called as a cycling legend. His 5 year old adopted son, Robel, is already an expert in riding bikes with gears.

The 39 year old cyclist is enjoying his retirement life with his family and does not miss any single opportunity to introduce his sport to the people of all age groups. He occasionally takes the kids in his area on a biking ride and ensures that they properly gear for the ride. The parents of the kids are very happy to see their kids being taught by the legend that the kids had seen in the photos and on TV showcasing his skills. It is a real blessing and great honor for the kids to learn about bike safety and rules from the Australian legend Cadel Evans.