Cyclist rushed to medical center

A cyclist, who was not wearing a helmet, has been taken to the medical centre with life threatening wounds after being struck by a vehicle in Toronto. The mishap took place after 4 pm on Thursday at corner of Manning Avenue and Dundas Street.

According to reports, an eyewitness stated that a white Saturn sedan turned right out of a 7 Eleven shop parking lot on Dundas’ south side and the vehicle started accelerating very quickly. The car struck the cyclist, who was stopped at a traffic signal, knocking him on the top of the sedan. Then the vehicle sped ahead and hit a post and the cyclist fell on the ground.

Twenty six year old Tim Ferreira, who was in a vehicle on Dundas Street’s north side driving towards east, told that it appeared as if the vehicle’s driver, who he reported as an elderly woman, lost her car’s control after she made the turn onto the road, subsequently skipping the curb and chancing on the cyclist. He was betting that she hadn’t seen him.

Mr. Ferreira told that her feet were off the pedals, but the vehicle was in attempt to accelerate but it was stuck against the post. Then he had to turn off the car as if the car was malfunctioning. Ferreira added that the cyclist was not donning a helmet. As soon as she hit the post, it threw him off and he smashed his head onto the sidewalk.

According to reports, Toronto Police reported that both the driver and the cyclist were taken to the hospital. The cyclist suffered a life threatening injury. The condition of the driver of the sedan is not known.