Cadel Evans Tries Mountain Biking

The latest news about Cadel Evans is that he was part of the Absa Cape Epic.

Hence, many are intrigued to know how the experience was for him. The fact that he decided to participate in Cape Epic and had George Hincapie accompanying him was a surprise to many fan followers. Indeed, it has been two years since he has retired from road race. He has hung up his thin race wheels and is not in the forefront for some time as he had been in the Australian road racing category. When he was asked about his experience in Cape Epic he stated that he had read about and was curious to take part in it. Being in South Africa he also wanted to experience the beautiful landscape, experience the new country and the culture that exists there.

The invite to be part of the race was forwarded to him by the race organizers. He did want to do it last year, but he underwent a knee operation and hence was not fit to take up participation in such a race. The result was a return to mountain biking that he was looking forward to. He was also eager to promote the sport in the region. He felt that many people were curious to see how they, as riders of Tour de France races, would fare in a new region and with a different racing terrain and format. What was unique about the race was the two men format. He had raced with George on the road and both of them knew each other well. They raced on their instincts and what they knew of each other. As a result, there is little requirement to talk in different stages and that is what made their partnership successful. He also feels that he was lucky to have a partner like George.