10 Replies to “Cadel Evans PARODY Interview Tour de France”

  1. This is absolutely hilarious! You guys are brilliant. ClownFight, mate, if you watched the entire thing you OBVIOUSLY enjoyed it. Bipolar? Do you even know what that is? Moron. I’d love to see your videos! Nearly 500 views for what you call unworthy of sharing. Get a life! Your comments are unwanted. Dansegzz, have you done any others like this one? BTW, genius work from ‘Cadel’.

  2. Pretty lame I thought, but for a couple of tools with an iPhone and 10 minutes to prepare I suppose it was… err…. something they thought was funny. I mean, we’ve all done it but I guess 99% of us weren’t bipolar enough to post it on youTube thinking it was worthy of sharing. Honestly, who posts links to random crap like this thinking others will enjoy it? Can I have my 7 minutes back please?

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