25 Replies to “Cadel Evans: Man of the Tour – Music Video”

  1. a bike, let alone one to three fantastic performances in as many years.
    4th(seeing as Landis cheated) 2nd(by a mere 23 seconds) and 2nd
    again(pretty much on his own). This is a great video as i have said. i only
    hope these other people see the light.

  2. I rely hope that this is the year that Cadel takes the final step up, and
    his the man in the yellow jersey when the tour de france is over this year.
    His a fighter, and deserve the victory:)

  3. here here. Its people like you that recognise Cadel’s integrity and also
    that Cadel pretty much did the 2008 tour on his own. Yaroslav Popovych, his
    domestique attacked on Prato Nevoso and failed miserably only to not be
    able to support cadel on Alpe D huez, where he lost the tour.

  4. I totally agree with you. he’s the best for me, and i hope so much that
    he’ll win the tour once…

  5. Yeah used to race with cadfael. His party trick was for me to stand over
    him on a chair push his head down and then his 4ft cock would come out from
    his habit!

  6. why you watch this video then? i made this video for people who like the
    great Cadel Evans. If you should have some brains, you’d realise that.

  7. Evans is a great rider. He dies like 4 or 5 times in one stage but keeps
    following even when everybody attacks. Many riders are not capable of doing
    that. Just keep that in mind.

  8. team CSC and that yellow and white team look very strong in the mountains
    i’m surprised that case de panya (i have no idea how to spell it!)collapsed
    when the tempo got high, they have looked by far the strongest team, not
    anymore! valverde is in huge trouble, his closest rivals now are menchov,
    frank schleck, vandervelde and those 2 yellow and white riders, pelpei or
    something i hope some high position riders get kicked out for drugs this
    week! 😀 GO CADEL!

  9. yea that’s true. Last year he had popovich but he wasn’t good enough to
    really help evans out in the final of a mountain stage. One man against all
    and still achieve 2 times the second place is amazing. There are not a lot
    of riders who are capable of doing that. I totally agree with you.

  10. yes, because the leader with the pack is dwindling, he semms so have woken
    up late and now he’s losing ground

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