25 Replies to “Cadel Evans best moments”

  1. @tommycarstensen I don’t know if you consider it an “important” stage, but he did win stage 4 of this years TdF.

  2. @TemplarX2 I wasn’t talking about winning a stage. I was talking about a *stage race*. The TdF is a stage race. Apologies, if I hadn’t made myself clear. Oh, and for the record I would prefer to win a stage in the TdF over winning a non Pro Tour stage race 🙂 Congrats once more to Evans on his victory, despite not winning any important stages.

  3. @vasyl86 And you know what? He totally deserves it. I guess the Schlecks should have focused a little less on Contador this year…

  4. in tour de france i have supported cadel, but i have started too like the schleck brothers because they wear out contador (who i cant stand)

  5. @hartraft888 definately need to add stage 4 to the highlight reel, must say contador what a tool for celebrating the win!

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