Cadel Evans And His Biking Feats

Many who become fans of cycling athletes usually find their stars set to hang up their boots.

Indeed, the grueling races and tours often take a toll, on some people it comes on earlier than in others. For instance, Cadel Evans is known to be the only champion from Australia to have won the Tour de France. It is not easy to win in a foreign terrain, but he did achieve this feat. He would be part of the inaugural race in Victoria next year, named the Great Ocean Road Race. He would be quitting the sport soon after. He is set to be part of a number of events till then. There are national championship events that he would be part of. He would also be part of the opening race, ProTour. The Tour Down Under that would be held in January will see him participating as well.

The triumph that he achieved in Tour de France was in 2011. This legendary achievement has made him a household name in his country. He also won the world championships in 2009. He was then considered a star of road cycling. For those who were in doubt about his ability to do country races, they saw him take a solo attempt at climbing Novazzano in Mendrisio, located in Switzerland. Hence, he has definitely established himself as a road race champion from Australia who has conquered continents. Evans has always been up to pushing himself to achieve fresh challenges. Even though the previous wins had put him ahead of others, he had not stopped to rest. With the world title he was close to tears, accepting the trophy on the podium. He is considered one among the cycling purists in the world for good reason. His achievements will surely be remembered by most of his fans.